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Unpacking Emotional Literacy

Do you want to have a break through with your students emotional behavior in your classroom for 2021?

Wondering how to teach Montessori Emotional Literacy this year?

Watch Kristen Richter and Spramani Elaun over a period of 4 weeks share lessons that combine emotional intelligence and art lessons watching videos – all on your own schedule!

Learn Hands-on Practical Lessons You Can Repeat In Your Own Classroom Quickly!

  • Watch videos
  • Work through all 4 emotional literacy cycle phases
  • Get the materials list & lesson plans
  • Get Professional Coaching for 4 Weeks!

Simple Techniques for Lasting, Meaningful Results

You don't have to feel like you're constantly at your wit's end.

You don't have to struggle with teaching your children or students self-control.

You don't have to feel guilty for losing your cool and saying things out of exasperation.

There's an easier way to help kids develop emotional literacy—and we'll teach you the tools and techniques to do it!

Often times we think we need to change our children, but if you want a more peaceful, meaningful relationship with them, we need to change our way of thinking and our approach to child behavior. It starts here.

When you register for the 4-Part Masterclass: Using Art Journals For Emotional Literacy you'll develop emotional literacy through art journaling and creating art. You'll also receive a supply list and exclusive workbook to help you dive deeper and reteach what you've learned to your kids.

Teachers may also receive 1 Professional Development hour per class (for a certificate of 4 PD hours total upon completion of the full masterclass).

We truly believe emotional literacy is essential for children to develop into healthy individuals, and we want to be able to get this information into as many hands as possible.

Using Art Journals For Emotional Literacy

Part 1: July 9th – Tackling Emotions

You'll learn how to help children identify their feelings and emotions, and process them in a safe and healthy manner.
Art Technique
: paint-splatter project for emotions

Part 2: July 16th – Getting to Calm

You'll learn the strategies children can use to help calm themselves down as well as proactive ways for them to self-regulate.
Art Technique: masking and color-mixing project for calm

Part 3: July 23rd – Embracing Joy

How can we bring more joy into our lives?  While this comes naturally to some people, others need to practice or work towards finding it.
Art Technique: paper-collaging project for joy and emotional "spilling"

Part 4: July 30th – Building Community

Each one of us is a part of a bigger community. Whether this community is a large school, or an intimate family, we ALL want two things: to feel love and significance. We'll wrap up our series with discussions on how to ensure all children feel a sense of belonging.
Art Technique: community mural project for emotional literacy




Spramani Elaun

Art Teacher, Author, and International Art Trainer

Founder of Nature of Art®


Spramani Elaun is an art teacher, curriculum designer, Montessori art trainer, and art supply developer. She has authored 7 books designed as guides for teaching visual arts to children, including Designing Visual Arts and Clay Play. She is founder and principal of Nature of Art® (San Diego, CA).

Kristen Richter

AMS Elementary I-II

Teacher Educator 

Positive Discipline Parent Educator & Teacher Facilitator

Classroom Teacher

Kristen Richter is the owner of Educational Sounds and Images, an Upper Elementary teacher at Blossoming Hill Montessori, and a Positive Discipline parent educator and teacher facilitator. AMS-credentialed (Elementary I – II).

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