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Early Childhood Guide – Book

Visual Arts Teaching Guide for 13 Months - 6 Years Old

✅ Proper and Complete List of Art Materials

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For the longest time, teachers of early childhood students have been told, “young kids can’t learn art.” And based on that misinformation, as well as out-of-date art teaching practices, you might be thinking that’s true too.  

I’m here to tell you that’s not the case!  

Toddlers and early childhood students CAN learn art!  

It all comes down to HOW you teach them. After years of observing art, I’ve developed my very own teaching method that engages and excites young children; it introduces them to art in a way that makes sense to their little developing brains.  

If you have the art bug—and you don’t have to be an artist to catch it!—and KNOW the value of art in the Montessori classroom, especially for young students, then this book is for you!  

You’ll learn:

🔹 The importance of early Art Literacy 🔹 How to speak the ‘Artist Language’ 🔹 The art subjects students need to know 🔹 The characteristics of child artists 🔹 Methods and approaches to teaching 🔹 How to create art activity environments 🔹 The best art materials for your classroom 🔹 How to plan level-appropriate activities 🔹 BONUS: activity ideas and lesson examples  

My Promise:  

"After reading this book, you will go from feeling confused on how to teach young children art, to feeling confident in your ability to understand what children need to learn, why, what areas you need to focus on, how to structure art activities, and finally what specific materials you need to teach early childhood art lessons." 

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About the Author

Spramani Elaun is an author and art curriculum developer from San Diego California. She is a homeschooling mom, art teacher with a science art methodology. Her success is led by observations and real-life practice of how children cognitively and sensorially process art over twenty years. She is the founder of Nature of Art® Art school & Art supply company, Art Teaching Blueprint Montessori Certification Training Program. Spramani holds degrees in Graphic Design, Digital Media Design, Visual Communications, Print Media, and Fine Arts.


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