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So many international Montessori schools & training centers offering Montessori certification have used my art in-service personal-development training, art digital course, art curriculums, and consultancy. A few of our valued customers are: The Montessori Accreditation Council on Teacher Education (M.I.T.E), The American Montessori Society (AMS), Association Montessori International (AMI) and MACTE.

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Teaching art doesn't have to be stressful (and you don't have to be an artist to do it)!

International Art Teacher & Author Spramani Elaun

You know visual art education is valuable, however you might not know where to even start—no one taught you about art curriculum or how kids really learn art.  

• Do you dream of having organized art lessons for your students?

• Do you want art projects to support your most important Great Lessons, or Cosmic Education?

• Do you want your students to have work that leads to innovative thinking?

• Do you want to do all this without any stress??

That's why I created:

7 Week Online Digital Course (3 year access!)

Who is This Program For

This training is for anyone who wants to learn how to teach children art, or sharpen the skills they already have.

All types of teachers

This course is designed for teachers working with students in Early childhood, ages 3-6 or 6-12. It’s a premium-training online course that provides focused, up-to-date professional development. Homeschooling parents can also register. No prior art training required.

Art Teaching Blueprint is comprehensive and broad in scope; it lays the foundation for understanding how children learn art so that you can start implementing art lessons into your classroom. Art Teaching Blueprint also comes with optional personal development certification and personal coaching.  

Enhance your teaching skills through focused visual arts teaching curriculum under the guidance of an expert who has 20 years of child art instruction.

About Instructor:

Spramani Elaun is an author and art curriculum developer from San Diego California. She is a homeschooling mom, art teacher with a science art methodology. Her success is led by observations and real-life practice of how children cognitively and sensorially process art over twenty years. She is the founder of Nature of Art® Art school & Art supply company, Art Teaching Blueprint Montessori Certification Training. Spramani holds degrees in Graphic Design, Digital Media Design, Visual Communications, Print Media, and Fine Arts.

I train you over 7 weeks with my proprietary Science Art Method®

This training curriculum meets and goes beyond the national and international core arts standards for children. Art Teaching Blueprint teaches the Elements and Principles of Design, the artistic process, and Spramani Elaun's proprietary Science Art Method® & system of sequences.

Nature of Art® Science Art Method uses 3 key components – Visual Perception (the visual cortex), Cognation (Cognitive Neural Network Model), Phases of Art Development (gross - Fine-motor development).

Here's what we’ll cover in 7 weeks:

Lecture 1: Identifying what a quality visual art education is for children (8 videos totallying 40 minutes)

  • Introduction to visual arts
  • International art standards
  • Art language
  • Teaching Areas of Focus
  • Artist Techniques
  • Art Materials
  • The Artistic Process
  • Spatial & Dynamic Art Understanding

Lecture 2: How children learn visual arts, Proprietary Science Art Method®  (10 videos, totalling 54 minutes)

I share the important patterns I recognized in my 20+ years of teaching visual arts to children. This lecture is all about connecting the science to how kids use their senses to evolve into artists.

3 key components parts to learning visual arts:

  • Visual Perception
  • Cognative Art Processing
  • Gross to Fine-motor
  • Phases of Art Development

Lecture 3: How to teach children visual arts (11 videos totalling 45 minutes)

I explain what art skills and teaching methods help make children become successful artists. This includes my proprietary system of sequences to help nurture creative development.

  • Process-based
  • Choice-based
  • Copy-Mode
  • Creative-Mode
  • Art Teaching Practices

Lecture 4: Complete art supply & materials list, seasoned practical tips (7 videos totallying 56 minutes)

Here’s where we get practical! I share my list of the best art supplies to use for teaching each area of visual arts; I also give you the tips and suggested ideas to help you easily teach art for years to come.

  • Medium
  • Materials
  • Demonstrations
  • Shopping List
  • Art Supply Prompts

Lecture 5: Art environment (9 videos, totallying 40 minutes)  

  • Set-up
  • Art Environment
  • Managing mess
  • Storage
  • Staging

Lecture 6: Staging a Montessori art shelf (10 videos, totallying 50 minutes)

A well-staged art shelf can be super powerful! You’ll learn how to set up your art supplies and art shelf to support on-going art literacy and active, engaged, self-learning.

  • Staging
  • Material Themes
  • Focused Group
  • Independent work
  • Guided Lessons
  • Presentation & Demonstration Tip

Lecture 7: Art lessons & planning formulas  

This final lecture will help get you in the right mindset to start teaching your students with confidence! I break down how to teaching art lessons so that you can schedule a year’s worth of lessons with ease.

  • Art Lesson Framework
  • Art Lesson Development
  • Scheduling Formula
  • Art Observation
  • Making it Montessori
  • Art Albums
  • Art Assessment Guides

New trainings added this summer!

Lecture 8: Making it Montessori (1 video)

How to make visual art literacy integrate with the Montessori Pedagogy. Topics:

  • Sensitive periods
  • Sensory 
  • Environment
  • Staging
  • Montessori Curriculum

Lecture 8: Art Observing (1 video)

Learn what we observe in visual art development, how to use the observation cycle to observe, take notes , assess, and modify art lessons.

What Other Teachers are Saying

"All my Montessori training did not include an art curriculum. After taking The Art Teaching Blueprint I now understand what art materials compliments our work environments, even the common and inexpensive art supplies to use. I'm now able to develop my lesson plans from various sources of inspiration and guide the children in their personal artwork." Dawn Mc Gregor – Lower Elementary, Bridgton Montessori 

You're on your way to teaching art with confidence!

2 Options:

  •  Self-Paced
  •  Professional Development Certification

Self-Paced Online Digital Course

Take the entire training in the comfort of your own home, on your own schedule, and at your own pace. Life time access!

  • Workbook
  • Q & A email support
  • 3 Year Access!

Professional Development Certification, plus Coaching

Take the entire training in the comfort of your own home, on your own schedule, and at your own pace.

You'll receive lectures over a period of seven weeks.

  • Life time digital access! (As long as the course exsit)
  • Q & A email support any time
  • Workbook to download
  • Practicum (create art lesson plans, or curriculum outline plan)
  • 1 Consult call scheduled on ((zoom video conferencing) to meet all time zones
  • Curriculum consultant meeting
  • 50 CPD hours are issued when complete – by letter
  • Certification issued after practicum and survey are all turned in and complete

What does it mean to be Certified?

A Certified Art Teaching Blueprint Facilitator has successfully completed a minimum of 50 hours of video training, one-on-one coaching, and a practicum assessed by Spramani Elaun. A Certified Art Facilitator demonstrates an understanding of various skill sets, art lesson planning, the Nature of Art® Science Art Methodology, and comprehends all aspects of art literacy, programming, and art teacher management.

CPD credit

This is a trade-specialized certification that can complement your experience and credentials. You will earn continuing professional development hours. Please note that we do not provide accreditation for financial aid, federal funding, or university credit transfer.

Can I train other teacher with this method?

A certified Art Teaching Blueprint facilitator cannot certify or train other guides or teachers using the Nature of Art® proprietary method. All materials and content are U.S. trademarked and copyrighted, and protected.

How the course work is designed or certifcation only:

1. The program primarily consists of instructional videos that you can watch at your convenience. You will also have access to a downloadable workbook for your reference.

2. We offer monthy live group Q & A sessions where you can actively participate and ask any questions you may have about the content.

3. When you feel prepared, you can request a one-to-one Zoom meeting with Spramani. During this meeting, to comprehensively review the course content to ensure you complete understanding. Additionally, she can assist you in structuring your art lessons and curriculum planning.

4. In this one-on-one meeting, she will provide a detailed explanation of the practicum requirements.

5. All practicum submissions are personally reviewed by Spramani, and she will provide feedback to help you refine your art program, or practicum submissions.

6. Once you have submitted your final practicum, it will be thoroughly reviewed. Upon successful completion, we will issue your certificate.

This process ensures that you receive comprehensive support and guidance throughout your certification journey.

  Need Group Professional Development??

1 to 5 day Professional Development your site, or specifed locations Internationally. Please email for free consultation (

Hi, I’m Spramani

I’m an artist, homeschool mom, art teacher, and art studio owner. 

When I decided to teach art to children over twenty years ago I struggled to find any art curriculum to follow that was appropriate for children. 

Today, I’ve taught tens of thousands children through my traveling art studio attending some of the largest education conferences for different pedagogies, and homeschooling organizations nationally.

I became really good at teaching children which has led me to write 7 art education books, and now develop art curriculum for schools around the world.

I now travel internationally and train teacher’s my science art method, and  how to bring art literacy into their classrooms.

 I’ve spent thousands of hours perfecting art lessons for children of all ages. 

Now I want to help you teach your students art lessons with my proven art method.

Got a question? Email:, Whats App, or text U.S. (760) 652-5194

90 Day Refund Policy

At Nature of Art®, we stand by our products and our customers. That’s why the Art Teaching Blueprint™ is backed by a 90-day satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with the training in the first 90 days, we’ll offer you a 100% refund on your purchase.

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Read Payment Terms:

To access the Program, you have two payment options:

1. Single Payment: Pay a one-time fee due immediately upon enrollment.

2. 3 pay options, email:

Please be aware that if you choose the monthly payment plan and do not complete the Program, you are still obligated to fulfill the remaining payments as per the agreed schedule.

Accessing Your Course, PD Hours, Q&A, and Certification Requirements:

Upon your initial payment , you will gain access to all lectures. Additionally, you will be invited to participate in several group Zoom Q&A sessions to address any questions you may have.

Upon the completion of watching all videos, you will be offered a one-hour one-on-one coaching session to assist you in curriculum planning and to provide guidance for your final practicum assignment. At this stage, you will also receive a letter confirming the completion of 50 professional development (PD) hours.

Certification will be awarded in the subsequent quarter after the successful submission of all required assignments. It is important to note that there is no specific time limit to complete this course; however, the responsibility falls on you to fulfill all the prerequisites for certification. Certification will be granted solely upon the fulfillment of all practicum requirements."


If you choose not to complete the practicum requirements, certification will not be granted. I am fully committed to certifying qualified teachers who demonstrate a thorough understanding of visual arts teaching. Practicum is at your own pace, there is no deadlines. Practicum consist of writing art lessons, staging and planning out your annual art curriculum plans.

Self-paced online course

40+ training videos

Online support

Lectures delivered ( instant access)

Self -Paced $668

Everything included above + Professional Development Certification

PLUS 50 CPD hours issued

Practicum Exercise Feedback (see requirements above)

Live Coaching (zoom in your time zone)

Free 1 Hour Curriculum Development Consultation To Help You Plan

(Life time access)

The most comprehensive art training for early childhood - elementary teachers.